Are your headphones putting others in danger?

Headphones can be a great way to listen to music or podcasts, helping us to enjoy the best sound experiences without interruptions. Many people also find that headphones can help them to concentrate or relax by blocking background noise and distractions. However,...

Top tips for SMEs this tax season

We’re approaching tax filing season here in South Africa, so it’s time for small business owners to get their information in order and ready to file. Everybody knows that filing taxes can be extremely time consuming. By Colin Timmis Small businesses are already...

What does your business need to be a success?

Achieving sustained value creation in a world of deep, volatile and disruptive change means organisations and leaders will need dynamic new capabilities to maintain success and stay relevant into the future. Understanding the future better than competitors, making...

Fit supply chains create competitive advantages

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed key differences between “fit” and “fragile” supply chain organisations with regards to how they deal with disruption, according to Gartner. The most fragile focus on short-term survival, while the fittest supply chain organizations see...


First Distribution is Sophos 2021 Distributor of the Year in SA

First Distribution has been awarded the Sophos Distributor of the Year, in South Africa. First Distribution is recognized for its outstanding performance and commitment to securing organizations with Sophos’ next generation cybersecurity solutions and services.


The changing face of education

The South African education sector has had to rapidly embrace online learning during the past year. But with schools, colleges, and universities quick to use new pathways to continue with class, there is increased pressure on their IT environments, especially given the amount of legacy infrastructure still in place.

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Managing the COVID-19 fallout

Managing the COVID-19 fallout

Mobile computing comes into its own, while gaming takes off as players go into lockdown. SpacePencil simplifies robotic process automation and VendorConnection eases the way into Africa.