Gig economy and the risk for small business owners

Not only is the gig economy benefiting individuals, but businesses are also embracing this technologically enabled approach to unlock new revenue streams. Some small business owners have successfully used it to secure new clients, while millennials are particularly...

Tips on how to encourage behavioural change in the workplace

Resistance to change is nothing new. Humans are generally averse to it and, in the current world we find ourselves in we are constantly being forced to change because of the pandemic and unrest. But how does this translate into the workplace? Helene Vermaak, business...

E-commerce surge set to benefit small, independent retailers

South African consumers are heading online in greater numbers as the e-commerce shopping experience increasingly offers more choice and convenience than can be found at traditional big-brand, brick-and-mortar retailers. This is the word from Mike Farquharson, MD of...

Don’t lose out on tax benefits for small businesses

Many companies are adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and have recently been physically wrecked by the unrest in some of the provinces. Tax legislation offers a legal leverage for companies to reduce their tax burden. Affected companies who have...

Product Showcase

Multi-purpose ViewSonic IFP 50 Series debuts

ViewSonic is a world-leading visual solution provider and specialises in visual display hardware – including liquid-crystal displays, projectors, and interactive whiteboards – as well as digital whiteboarding software.

Channelwise E-Books

The New World of Work

The New World of Work

Robotic process automation takes off, while COVID changes how we look at security and risk. Women in the channel dig deep, and we present the new world of work.

Managing the COVID-19 fallout

Managing the COVID-19 fallout

Mobile computing comes into its own, while gaming takes off as players go into lockdown. SpacePencil simplifies robotic process automation and VendorConnection eases the way into Africa.