What does the future of innovation look like?

Delivering innovative digital products can help businesses satisfy customers and create stronger competitive differentiation. Organisations that can then take the next step and transform their software innovation to into value engines will spawn additional business...

What are the technologies shaping the future of IT infrastructure?

IT is rapidly changing. For the last decade, every company, now in the business of technology, has been experiencing growing shifts towards automation, decentralised technology budgets, adoption of cloud-based services and even the adoption of AI. By Ronald Ravel,...

Will 5G be the great enabler for Africa?

With 1,8-billion 5G connections expected globally by 2025, this mobile network technology is becoming increasingly important. In the same period, it is estimated that there will likely be 11-million South African 5G subscribers. Already, 18 African countries are...

Advice on rebuilding SA’s all-important small businesses

With small businesses continuing to prove to be the backbone of the South African economy, business owners need every opportunity to help set them on a growth trajectory at a pivotal time in their recovery. The Xero 2021 Remote Roadshow is one such opportunity where...

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Power Struggles in SA

Power Struggles in SA

Printing in a post-Covid World, storage and the debate on cloud vs on-premises, and a look at the electricity supply outlook

Predictions for 2021

Predictions for 2021

Businesses adapt to working from home, all the action from the Channelwise golf day and awards, RPA brings the low-code revolution closer, and a critical need for technology in education.