A new generation of reseller will capitalise on the cloud

The rapid growth in demand for cloud and software-as-a-service solutions is changing the face of the IT reseller channel in South Africa, with entrepreneurs from outside the technology industry, independent software vendors (ISVs) and other agile, innovative players...

Outmanoeuvre uncertainty to reshape SA business

Just a few weeks ago, we were shutting down business operations and mothballing core assets. By Vukani Mngxati, CEO of Accenture in Africa Now, at an unprecedented speed, as South Africa has moved to alert level 3 of our national response to the Covid-19 crisis,...

How 2020 is fundamentally changing SA’s technological landscape

The IT landscape in South Africa is facing some of its biggest shifts yet, and businesses must be ready to adapt accordingly. Adjusting to technological advancement will certainly bring new challenges in the form of security and compliance, but agile businesses that...

How to revitalise and create long-term growth for SA economy

The South African economy, like many emerging and developing economies, has high levels of poverty. As with many such countries, there are three primary objectives to reducing poverty, unemployment and inequity. These three objectives take precedence over almost all...


The disconnected continent …

 The world has been caught off guard. The pandemic is in every conversation, sits at every board room table (video conference), and defines how continent and country look to an uncertain future.

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Building resilience in times of uncertainty

The recent months have likely been the biggest challenge for all organisations across the continent. With almost no warning, millions of businesses – indiscriminate of size or stature – suddenly went from operating as usual to facing enormous challenges under the weight of uncertainty.


Microsoft launches free online learning platform

Kathy Gibson reports – Microsoft has launched a new online learning ecosystem to help 25-million people upskill and reskill themselves, achieve certification for in-demand skills, and find jobs.

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Managing the COVID-19 fallout

Managing the COVID-19 fallout

Mobile computing comes into its own, while gaming takes off as players go into lockdown. SpacePencil simplifies robotic process automation and VendorConnection eases the way into Africa.