Small businesses need to work at speed, they need to deliver on time and not just in time, with fewer employees than their enterprise counterparts, and in order to achieve this they need technology.

In support of these needs Westcon-Comstor is providing smarter and more cost-effective networking solutions for small businesses, ensuring they are connected and productive no matter where they are.

“The small business has to compete against larger businesses and their biggest differentiator is the speed and agility at which they can make decisions and deliver their products and services,” states Louise Taute, Comstor Director Southern Africa at Westcon-Comstor. “The challenge however is that networking technology for the most part is still expensive. Moving to the cloud, mobilising communications and networking employees can come at a cost. It is for exactly this reason that we are working with Cisco to better unpack and deliver its small business networking solutions to reseller partners looking after this growing market.”

With Cisco networking solutions for small business, reseller partners can keep employees connected and productive, they lower communications costs, enhance efficiencies and improve customer service. How? By ensuring enterprise-grade quality and services – but at cost effective pricing and supporting voice, data, and wireless on one network. All while baking in security into the very heart of the switches and routers designed to cater for this market.


Cisco small business switches

Using the Cisco small business switches a user can connect multiple devices, including computers and printers, all on the same network. These switches are able to function as a controller, meaning they are more than just a switch, and allow devices to share and communicate with each other across a network. In addition, they enable a customer to easily add apps to a network and navigate digital applications.


Cisco small business routers

Often small businesses need to cobble together multiple networks, a simple example is the need to connect the computer or office network to the Internet. A basic requirement, but often one that isn’t as easy as it appears with the wrong technology. The Cisco networking solutions for small business feature secure, expandable routers that are easy to use and manage, they also offer features such as firewalls and support virtual private networks (VPNs), ensuring the network remains secure.

“The small business needs to be flexible. They want to make changes, add, move or change users on a network, easily and at a lower cost. You simply can’t do that with bloated systems that require extensive technical competencies just to support and manage. The Cisco small business networking offerings provide this flexibility to add new capabilities to the network, add and move users and keep teams connected without needing expensive technology upgrades.

“Couple this with the services that Comstor, as one of Cisco’s longest standing and most technically competent distributors in the region offers, and you can help small businesses to mobilise and be connected,” ends Taute.