Crate|ov Clothes is a convenient and easy way for men to shop for clothes without having to set foot in a retail store.

Unlike the usual online shopping platforms, Crate|ov Clothes provides you with the opportunity to be dressed by a professional stylist who selects outfits based on your preferences and sends you a Crate|ov Clothes. You send back what you don’t want, and pay only for what you keep.

Crate|ov Clothes founders Sage Victor, Marc van Jaarsveldt and Matthew de Villiers, understand that for many men, shopping is not the way they prefer to spend their time and so they came up with a simple yet genius way of allowing men to shop in the comfort of their own home.

“Most men hate shopping and need some help with their sense of style. Crate|ov Clothes aims to solve both problems,” Victorsays. “We not only provide you with a personal stylist and personal shopper, but delivery and collection of your Crate is at no extra cost to you. We’ll only charge you for what keep.”

Crate|ov Clothes is not an online shop where you need to scroll down pages and pages of shirts and pants that all look the same. “Instead, you’ll have access to a stylist who can help free up your time affording you that extra hour in your day for more important things,” says Victor.

“The first step is to sign up on their website. After that, you’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire that collects data about your size, budget, style preferences and what you might be looking for. Your information and is then analysed by a stylist who then chooses three outfits they think you’ll like based on your preferences provided in the questionnaire and sends off your crate.

Once you receive your Crate|ov Clothes, you have seven days to try them on and see what you like. You keep what you like and send back the rest. Once we receive your Crate back, you’ll only be charged for what you keep,” Victorexplains. “Crate|ov Clothes is a no obligation service. We strive for convenience and encourage people to order a crate to see how hassle free the whole process is.”

The last part of the process is giving feedback to your stylist about what you did and didn’t like. “We want your next crate to be perfect, our goal is to not have to collect any clothes that you don’t want because you love them all.

“The more you order the better we become at styling you, it’s a journey,” Victorconcludes. “Your stylist will use your feedback to design your next Crate|ov Clothes, hopefully hitting three out of three the next time and all the times after that.”