Securing the end point with enterprise-ready technology was traditionally outside the budget of the SME, but that’s in the past.

By Ralph Berndt, director: sales at Syrex.

The enterprise has traditionally been the first served with a large variety of security services based on bigger budgets and plenty of functionality. It is to those with the large wallets that goes the spoils while the small to medium enterprise (SME) clutches at the scraps that fall from the table, hoping that they are tough enough to protect their systems from the cyber onslaught.

However, today the evolution of cloud and the innovation of technology has changed the menu.

Today, the SME has access to cost effective, next-generation firewalling that’s scalable, capable and as efficient as anything that sits on the enterprise network. Solutions that provide exceptional security from end to end across the network have become affordable for the SME without compromising on quality or capability. Full generation threat prevention with unified threat management that delivers an enterprise-level firewall to the SME.

With Syrex’s SME Checkpoint firewalling solution this has now become almost plug and play in its simplicity. And it includes a NGFW firewall, VPN, antivirus, application visibility and control, URL filtering and email security, as well as Active Directory integration with full reporting all in one small box.

Syrex has taken this ubiquity and streamlined it even further for the SME market, adding in additional service and support that allow for the SME to enjoy a security solution that’s both highly resilient and exceptionally powerful. Working closely with Checkpoint’s leadership team, Syrex has brought this this 700 series technology to South Africa and Africa at a price point that makes sense.

With a low once-off installation and configuration cost, the solutions are sold under an MSP (Managed Service Provider) agreement allowing the consumers to pay low monthly fees for an end-to-end managed service without having to invest heavily into hardware purchases. This model includes full licensing, support as well as hardware swap-outs in case of failure.

It ticks all the compliance boxes and delivers enterprise-level security to the market. It also showcases how Checkpoint, a Gartner leader in security, isn’t just for big business. It’s an all access solution that meets a very real demand in the market today.

Syrex has developed three specific solutions for the South African SME market, each one tailored to local demand and unique local context. The Checkpoint 730/750 and 790 solutions are able to service up to 300 users with up to 340Mbps of continuous internet usage with all the features turned on. These firewalling battle boxes include up to 200 concurrent SSL VPN licenses at no additional cost.

A perfect choice for single office clients as well as those with multiple branches, the solution includes a SMP (Security Management Portal) cloud orchestration layer to provide the power user or IT department with the ability to manage larger multi-site networks through a single pane of glass. SMEs can use this leading firewalling technology to build complex, yet easy to manage, SDN networks on cheap and functional broadband connectivity with full resilience.

Alongside the feature-rich specifications embedded into these solutions, Syrex provides managed services that ensure business ready uptime and end-to-end firewall capabilities. It’s a bespoke battle box that arms the business with all the tools it needs to protect its data and systems while remaining within budget. It allows the SME to harness true firewalling power. It is simple and seamless and does everything the businesses require at the price point that fits the current economy and ever tightening budgets.