The only thing with less impact than a delegate reading a PowerPoint presentation to an audience at a conference is a looping in-store video. Industrial Revolution, a long-time provider of quality IT and related solutions to local business, is set to change the marketing landscape with digital messaging that can’t be ignored.

Lionel Smith, director at Industrial Revolution (IR), comments: “How messaging reached the appropriate audience when we started IR in 2008 has had to be reinvented constantly as people’s attention span meets message saturation; and retail real estate escalates in value.

“Consumers expect product information to be delivered to them and retailers are looking to save valuable space. We believe that IR’s new stable of digital information options provide both advertisers and retailers with a win-win solution.”


Digital on demand

IR’s new digital signage is sized for use across a number of areas within a retail store, corporate event and even an industrial canteen, where staff members can watch a safety video while queuing for their meals, and messaging can be switched to client-facing when meal time is over.

“Working in real-time and remotely, IR is able to switch messaging either at a pre-set time or when requested by the account manager. This gives marketers and corporates the agility to display text, pics and video that is appropriate to any situation,” says Werner Fettke, director at Industrial Revolution. “As long as we have agreed on the content required, we can display it at will and provide reports as to what was displayed and when.”

The ability to do this is also important in grocery stores, where prices change and stocks run out during promotions. “One system we have takes the place of the current pricing system in grocery stores,” says Smith. “Running along the shelf front occupied by the client’s product, we are able to switch from a ‘special offer’ to a generic brand message with a logo that highlights the product, even on the hard-to-see bottom shelf.”


Quality visuals and sound

From on-shelf branding to a 65-inch screen with the clarity of an iPad, IR can determine when any of the units are not working in store, and take action promptly. “We are also able to deliver third party real time data, so a brand running a promotion in a chain store in Randburg can display different content to the stores in the rest of the country,” says Smith.

Units can be grouped to display different content across each group, with the ability to display specific content down to a store / unit level thereby giving the customer specific personalised content, and at the same time displaying generic content across all units.

Marketing executives and brands of all sizes can also benefit from a financing arrangement set up by Industrial Revolution that makes return on investment clear and attainable.

Outright purchase, finance and rental options are available and contracts can include insurance, set-up, remote operation as well as site visits where necessary, with clients using only the most appropriate equipment for the job,” says Smith.

“When clients consider the amount of information that can be displayed over a specified period of time to the cost of creating eye-catching ads and online campaigns to get the same job done, IR believes we offer an additional stream of value to any campaign across any number of sectors and stores.”

In a country of 11 different languages and a robust Consumer Protection Act, Industrial Revolution’s on-the-fly content management can reach customers in a way that meets both business requirements and consumer demands.