In a society that is increasingly becoming technologically savvy and employing technological means to achieve a vast array of business as well as social needs.

Now more than ever, cyber-security is an utmost necessity.

Malware attacks in South Africa increased by 22% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the first quarter of 2018, according to global cyber security company Kaspersky Lab.

While a report from cyber security firm Norton says globally, 978-million consumers were affected by cyber-crimes in 2017 stealing a total of $172-billion.

Cyber security ensures that a company can be protected from unauthorised access to its hardware, software and other internet-connected systems. Cyber security services can critically save a company from losing crucial information, credibility as well as money.

Most of the cyber security companies in South Africa only service information Systems (IT) and not Operational Systems (OT).

Operational systems need to be secured as well, especially in divisions such as industrial or manufacturing sectors, mining and engineering. This speaks to the trend of Industry 4.0 and IoT and continuing automation of all industries.

There is a huge shortage of digital security skills in South Africa, leaving the country vulnerable.

In the ongoing battle for cyber security companies like LAWtrust, believe that companies need to put measures in place to ensure that they are protected from cyber-attacks that may be of malicious intent.

Maeson Maherry, LAWtrust’s chief solutions officer, explains that the process of cyber safekeeping essentially includes vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, architecture reviews and gap analysis against business/compliance requirements, which will help give a comprehensive view.

“The focus is on the aspects of remediation and information security solutions that can provide the fastest, and the greatest advantage to a business in a disruptive but governed environment,” he says.

For companies, the digital environment ought to be a secure space. By implementing the necessary cyber security tools to ensure safety, companies then become better positioned in protecting their resources and ultimately their place in the business world.