ZAP and Syspro have launched a special solution edition of the data management and analytics software, ZAP Data Hub, tailored specifically for Syspro ERP software.

ZAP Data Hub for Syspro automates access, integration, and preparation of data for reporting, and comes with an all-encompassing stack of pre-built analytics and dashboards for distribution, financial, and manufacturing staff.

ZAP Data Hub for Syspro includes several pre-built dashboards and analytics, covering distribution, financials, and manufacturing.

For distribution, dashboards are available for the inventory manager, purchasing manager, vice-president: sales and more.

For financial staff, dashboards are available for the accounts receivable and accounts payable managers, and the chief financial officer including income statement dashboard and balance sheet.

In terms of pre-packaged manufacturing analytics, ZAP Data Hub for Syspro’s pre-built production manager dashboard gives users a much-needed high level overview. Production Controllers can gain insight to production capacity and efficiency at a glance. Their dashboards can assist in scheduling and production capacity planning, while efficiency metrics give valuable feedback on performance and output quality.