Pinnacle held an event for its SME reseller partners, outlining the many benefits of Windows 11 and artificial intelligence.

Kathy Gibson reports

Windows 11 is key for broad GenAI adoption

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is arguably going to have a more profound impact on the IT and business world than any innovation since the Internet. But, while users across the globe are itching to benefit from GenAI value, a lot of them won’t be able to. The reason is simply that their devices must be capable of running the complex algorithms that drive GenAI.

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AI helps users claw back time and energy

So often we talk about artificial intelligence (AI) in general terms, as an abstract concept that is somehow peripheral to our lives. But the reality is that it could have a profound effect on the way we live and work, says Michelle Olivier, Microsoft product manager at Pinnacle.

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New Intel processors bring the AI experience closer

End users and partners need to prepare for what’s coming in the technology world – and artificial intelligence (AI) is going to being driving a lot of the changes.

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Increase productivity, save money with Pinnacle’s ESD

Reseller partners can save money while increasing their productivity, thanks to Pinnacle Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) platform.

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AI and the move to real copilots

Technology innovations are constant, and have brought us a long way in what is, in reality, just a few years. Trainer Warren Shaw speaks about complementary opposites: these are not simply two separate forces in opposition to one another, they are two halves of a single system, two side of the same coin.

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