Weston-Comstor partners will be taking Plantronics and Polycom solutions to market under the newly-launched brand name, Poly.

Launched in March 2019, Poly, which means “many,” leverages the legendary audio and video expertise of Plantronics and Polycom and its breadth of smart endpoints that connect across and between unified communications platforms to reduce the distractions, complexity, and distance in the modern workspace. Poly aims to be the solution of choice whenever and wherever collaboration clouds reach people.

Weston-Comstor’s partners across Sub-Saharan Africa will have access to the extensive Poly range of solutions. “We see huge potential for Poly in the collaboration ecosystem, especially with the new products and services that are being launched such as the Polycom Studio. Westcon-Comstor has been a strategic distributor for both Plantronics and Polycom for a long time and we look forward to a new era in our partnership,” says Rakesh Parbhoo, CEO for Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ultimately, through true collaboration, Poly workspaces intuitively work for everyone in a business. The company has developed technology that addresses audible distraction and lessens any negative impact on productivity caused by the noise in the modern office. Through its technological advancement in huddle rooms, Poly can transform a meeting room into a digital workspace that is just as powerful as a traditional boardroom.

“Users make use of a myriad endpoint connections in a single day and want these to seamlessly integrate simply and easily with existing collaboration solutions, which is really where the power of Poly comes into play,” says Rentia Booysen, collaboration business unit manager at Westcon-Comstor.

“Poly’s mobile-first solutions for a modern digital workforce, enable the user’s voice and video applications to move with them. As is the case with the Elara 60, a product that encapsulates the vision and passion of Poly, namely to develop technologies that allow the user to be productive anywhere and everywhere.

“Add this to the cloud and you have true collaboration and pervasive communication, no matter the device, the location or the application, delivering on end-user empowerment, IT enablement and management. Poly is a valuable partner within the Westcon-Comstor Collaboration portfolio and allows our partners to deliver on a customer’s need for superior communications,” concludes Booysen.