Bew & Co has partnered with Uniconta, a new cloud ERP solution that was specifically developed to help companies work more efficiently, faster and achieve their business goals easier.

Uniconta recently opened its first offices in Cape Town and is in the process of establishing a partner network in South Africa.

Uniconta South Africa CEO Keith Mullan is excited by the prospects of this partnership. “Bew & Co is the absolute collaboration of skills, technology, innovation and partnership, to provide world-class professional service that companies need to be the modern business leaders.”

Bew & Co specialises in an array of operational business areas, and its services are focused on business optimisation and improvement. It is able to effectively engage in full life cycle business management, programme and project management and all related innovative technology application and implementation.

Gareth Bew, CEO of Bew & Co, says the elements of this system that really make it stand out from a host of competitors, is the cross-business function capabilities, tapping into all aspects of core business operations.

“Combined with its aggregation and integration capabilities, Uniconta is pretty hard to beat as a technology-driven cloud-based system, which as some know is the future, and others will find out in time,” he explains.

He says this is a very dynamic system that is easily adopted and implemented, extremely scalable and very fast. “Not sure what more you could ask for. The benefits really are within all of these technologies and system capabilities we have highlighted here.”

Bew believes that the real, and perhaps initial benefit, will be more realised when the time finally comes for clients, both old and new, to make the transition, and the ease by which they could make this move onto Uniconta.

“The solution implementation and adaption process is a fraction of the time and materials that have been needed before in similar implementations. Except that this time now major data risks, SQL hacks, and cut and paste solutions to get the core data in. A fairly straight forward and manageable migration process,” he says.

“We are very excited to be working with the Uniconta team, and would gladly welcome anyone who would like to engage to explore a Digital Transformation journey, and exploring really enricing their business processes and capabilities,” he concludes.