OmniTel is not just another telecommunications company. They are on a mission to bring about positive change and open doors of opportunity.

Through its innovative agent model, this visionary company is paving the way for the creation of 40 000 new jobs in South Africa.

OmniTel firmly believes in empowering individuals to establish their businesses and generate additional income by becoming agents for their cutting-edge sim cards and data connectivity solutions.

As an OmniTel agent, Agents have the unique privilege of starting their own business and earning revenue from the sale of OmniTel’s innovative and competitively priced sim cards and data solutions. This way, every sale benefits both customers and agents, creating financial success and independence. The company provides its agents with a generous commission structure and unwavering support to ensure they thrive on this exciting entrepreneurial journey.

Lance Terner, CEO of OmniTel

“It’s a very inclusive model, because we want everyone in the chain to win,” according to CEO Lance Terner, whose vision for OmniTel revolves around a business model which is designed to have everyone involved being a winner in the process. Notably, this model seeks to assist IT resellers in improving their profits by developing an annuity revenue stream.

Terner is confident that IT resellers are going to find the model attractive. “Computer dealers are battling in the current climate, so we want to help them to improve their profits by developing an annuity revenue stream.”

By offering a bundled solution that seamlessly combines sim cards, data connectivity, and value-added services, OmniTel simplifies the customer experience and ensures exceptional value for money for resellers.

OmniTel’s competitive data rates are complemented by strategic partnerships, such as their relationship with MTN. The heart of OmniTel’s philosophy lies in simplicity, convenience, and unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding value and exceptional service. “We believe there is enough business to go around and share,” Terner explains. “So we have created a program for OmniTel, where everyone selling OmniTel services, regardless of your size, is treated the same as one of the networks treats its flagship store in Sandton City.”

Through the agent model, individuals can sell these sim cards and data plans while earning revenue from their sales. This creates a win-win scenario: customers benefit from top-notch connectivity, and agents build a thriving business by meeting their connectivity needs.

Lance Terner, the CEO of OmniTel, brings decades of experience in the telecommunications industry. His passion for empowering individuals and transforming lives has been the driving force behind the creation of the agent model. By recognising the tremendous potential in merging hardware, software, and connectivity the vision of creating a telecommunications network that benefits both customers and agents became the foundation of OmniTel’s business model.

With a primary focus on sim cards and data connectivity, OmniTel aims to provide affordable and reliable solutions that empower individuals and communities. Through their agent model, the company seeks to transform lives, fostering economic growth and generating opportunities for individuals to earn a secondary income, meet their basic needs, and improve their overall quality of life.

Joining OmniTel’s agent network means becoming a force for change and opportunity. This transformative journey entails creating jobs, providing essential connectivity, and empowering individuals throughout South Africa. Together, OmniTel envisions building a brighter future. Terner concluded: “There is indeed enough to share and go around”.


To find out more about becoming an agent of change and opportunity with OmniTel, visit their website at or get in touch at 010 612 0088.