Toshiba Europe has announced seven new E-Generation devices offering professional performance and durability, designed to support users on the move.

Toshiba’s latest professional range has undergone a technical refresh to maximise performance and make devices more efficient by offering a high performance of up to an 8th Generation Intel Core processor.

The new devices launching today are the Portégé X20W-E and X30-E, the Tecra X40-E, A50-E and Z50-E, and the Satellite Pro A50-E and R50-E.

The Portégé X30-E is equipped with a non-reflective touchscreen and new In-Cell Touch technology. Devices within the new range are available with up to 8th Generation Intel Core processors, with fast DDR4 (2400Mhz) RAM and a 1Tb SSD.

The E-Generation range is designed to protect businesses’ data with advanced security features built in. Features including a touchpad with an in-built fingerprint reader called SecurePad are available in all of the new Portégé and Tecra devices, as well as the Satellite Pro A50-E.

An IR-camera for face authentication through Windows Hello or Intel Authenticate is available in the Portégé X20W-E and X30-E and the Tecra X40-E. With Toshiba’s own built-in BIOS and TPM 2.0 encryption, the risk of third party interference is reduced.

The Portégé X20W-E and X30-E and Tecra X-40-E will offer built-in LTE support.

The X-series units offer an ultra-light design with the Portégé X20W-E being 15,4mm wide and weighing 1,1kg, while the 15,9mm Portégé X30-E weighs 1,05kg, and the Tecra X40-E is 16,9mm thin and weighs in at 1,25kg.

All of Toshiba’s devices have passed rigorous and independent HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) which simulates three years of use.

The laptops are all distributed by Mustek.