Technology distributor Syntech, which recently launched a lead generation tool on its web site to direct end user demand resellers’ online stores, has channelled R500 000 worth of potential business to its resellers within the first month of the launch.

“This is only the beginning. We are really excited about increasing market awareness and availability of our products through our reseller network,” says Ryan Martyn, sales and marketing director of Syntech. “Online retail is one of our main business drivers for the future.”

The Syntech e-commerce site was designed to empower resellers by giving them access to buy all products online, and enabling them to effortlessly replicate the products on their own e-commerce sites.

Syntech recently extended the service to include an easy-to-use shopping platform for end users. This allows end users browsing the Syntech site to buy products via reseller stores through the company’s “Buy Now” functionality.

End users are directed to the online store of one of the resellers participating in the programme to complete their order.

“The Buy Now feature is pivotal to driving end users onto our resellers – and therefore boosting their sales – a feature we believe is unique in the industry,” says Martyn.

“We have already developed plugins for most major ecommerce platforms to assist resellers with integration into this system. We anticipate that at least 100 resellers will be benefiting through this service over the next 12 months.”


What else can Syntech Resellers expect from the online portal?

The portal provides resellers with several functions to help make it easier for them to deal with Syntech. They include:

* A full stock catalogue detailing every product that Syntech distributes with pictures, descriptions and technical specifications that allow products to be easily compared.

* Live pricing, stock levels and the ability for customers to place orders online and supporting multiple payment methods.

* Full product listing in XML or CSV format with current stock availability and prices for our customers to import into their web sites.

* Powerful tools to assist with specifications including our memory configurator that shows the compatible crucial memory and SSDs for almost every computer ever manufactured.

* Free marketing collateral for all major brands including email marketing templates, web banners, posters and case studies.

Addressing concerns about the lack of safety shopping online, Syntech offers its registered resellers a secure online purchasing process, via EFT, credit card or the reseller’s account.


Ongoing investment

“We don’t see our online platform as a once off investment and we allocate several hundred thousand rand to our annual online budget for ongoing development,” Martun says. “We have several new exciting tools that we are busy with and will continue to refine our online user experience through feedback from our customers.”

The majority of Syntech’s business takes place in South Africa but the company also services customers in Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.