Syntech has been appointed as a distribution partner for Norton security products, and will offer these solutions through the channel, online and via its retail partners.

Simon Campbell-Young

According to Simon Campbell-Young, co-founder of Norton master distributor Digimune, the agreement with Syntech helps to make the leading security solution available to a broad swathe of the consumer market.

He adds that Syntech brings several value-adds to the table, making it easier for reseller partners to include Norton security as part of their end user offerings.

For instance, Syntech and Digimune have set up an electronic distribution delivery platform that lets resellers specify and order Norton products that are then delivered directly to their customers’ systems.

Amerin Pillay, product manager at Syntech, explains how this works: “If you are one of our partners, you simply log on via our existing portal, purchase Norton and have it sent directly to your customer. There is no need for the partner to carry any physical stock or even handle the electronic product – they simply input the customer’s email address and the job is done.”

Campbell-Young explains that this straight-through delivery encompasses the full digital solution that Norton is. “It makes life a bit easier: the process is seamless; and it’s a great customer experience.

“We don’t believe this level of simplicity and ease is available from any other software brand in the country.”

It’s not just the original sale that gives resellers added value – they win in the long term too.

“Unlike most other brands, the customer enrollment platform is available to resellers, retailers and sub-distributors of Syntech,” Campbell-Young says. “This means partners can enroll in the programme and receive ongoing annuity revenue on upgrades or license renewals.”


Amerin Pillay

Annuity income

This is a sea change in the way partners are rewarded, he adds. “Typically, resellers get their margin on the initial sale, and that’s all. It’s been a big issue, locally and internationally, and an ongoing headache for resellers.

“But now they will get a percentage of all renewals and upgrades for as long as the customer uses the product.”


Build your own

Another way that Syntech is adding value is by actively creating OEM bundles. “Syntech are able to create bundles with other SKUs from their wide-range of industry-leading brands. For example, Norton could be bundled with notebooks, PCs, tablets, or SSDs for embedded deals,” Campbell-Young says. “And they can create these on the fly as partners need them.”

Pillay points out that this ability dovetails with Syntech’s PC Builder offering, the company’s unique design- and build-to-order platform that lets partners tailor their solutions to users’ exact requirements.

“With PC Builder, Syntech is actually the first company taking advantage of the bundling and attach features we offer with Norton,” he says. “We are already including Norton on every one of our PC Builder machines to ensure our commitment to the best possible user experience for our customers.”


The security environment

Syntech believes the time is right to bring a solution like Norton to the consumer market.

“Consumers are more security-aware than ever before,” Pillay says. “They recognise the many threats that are out there, and realise they need more than just an anti-virus to effectively protect their equipment, their connections and their data.

“”Norton offers a full security solution, and can be tailored to meet consumers’ exact requirements.”

Campbell-Young adds that Norton is now the biggest consumer software player in the world, with the offerings from AVG/Avast, Avira and Bullguard all now added to its original Norton security offerings.

“Together, this makes it de facto the biggest security vendor in the world.”

Growth hasn’t been only from acquisitions: organic growth has played a big role in Norton’s success. “They made a strategic decision to build aggressive annuity programmes with the right distributor, to set up aggregator agreements and to build alliances with ISPs, telcos, banks and others.”

Norton has also completely re-engineered its technology to reduce its footprint and make it even more effective. “Thanks to major work that’s been done on the core engine, it now has a micro footprint on an executable basis,” Campbell-Young explains.


Great pricing

“On top of that, it is one of the most aggressively- priced security solutions on the market, and is extremely cost-effective.”

Pillay is quick to point out that security is no longer as much of a grudge purchase as it used to be. “Consumers are very conscious now of the cost of what you could lose if you are not protected. If you get caught in a ransomware or malware attack, you stand to lose a great deal. It puts the R500.00 per year spend on security into perspective.”


Made for gaming

Norton’s small footprint and fast execution is a boon for power users. And now Norton has gone one step further, tailor-making a security solution for gamers.

“The gaming version of Norton actually optimises the desktop when the user fires up a game,” Campbell-Young explains. “This is just one of the ways that Norton is taking specific aspects of the technology and tweaking them for a niche market – and it’s helping to grow the solution’s popularity.”

And this is one of the reasons that Norton and Syntech are such a great fit. “Syntech is a leader in the gaming space, how they approach the consumer with PC Builder and overall in the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) category,” Campbell-Young says.


Position of trust

Arguably the biggest value-add that Syntech brings to the Norton partnership is the people factor.

“I have had an association going back 25 years with Craig [Nowitz, CEO of Syntech] and Ryan [Martyn, co-founder and director of Syntech],” Campbell-Young says. “There is a deep well of trust; on top of which Syntech is an innovative and profitable outfit, with every structure in place to make the go-to-market successful.

“The Syntech team understands the channel, the retail environment and the consumer market.”



Digimune brings a wealth of value to the deal, in particular the brand and the automation it has built in terms of software distribution.

“This gives Syntech the flexibility they need in terms of the various ways they can distribute the product: embedded, license annuity, bundled SKUs  and more,” Campbell-Young says.

“We also bring  25 years of software distribution expertise, and a fast-track learning curve that helps Syntech to execute on their strategy.”

For its part, Syntech bring a wealth of new-age methodologies in terms of customer execution, he adds.

“The synergy between Syntech and Digimune has been fantastic,” Pillay says. “Together we can offer the consumer the best possible products alongside a seamless user experience.

“For us, it is not just about selling the product into channel, it’s about delivering best-in-class products to the market seamlessly, so that South African consumers continue to easily benefit from the immeasurable protections that Norton offers.”


The Norton solutions


Norton 360

All-in-one protection for your devices and online privacy. Includes industry-leading antivirus, malware protection, Secure VPN, and more.

The classic Norton solution is available in various configurations: Norton AntiVirus Plus; Norton 360 Standard; Norton 360 Deluxe; and Norton 360 Premium.


Norton 360 for Gamers

Norton 360 for Gamers gives gamers powerful protection designed just for them.

If offers multi-layered security technology for all devices to help block cyberthreats, a VPN for online privacy and features that help protect the gamer’s information from being exposed.


Norton Secure VPN

Users can pay bills, check their email and interact on social networks – in the cafe, airport or hotel – helping ensure that their most sensitive information remains hidden from prying eyes.

Norton Secure VPN helps to protect users’ data with a no-log virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts their personal information and doesn’t track or store their online activity or location.


Norton Family

Helps children explore, learn and enjoy their connected world safely.


Norton Utilities Ultimate

Gives users the tools they need to get their PC running like new.


Norton Password Manager

Helps users to create and store strong passwords. They can login to their accounts with a click of a button. It’s safe, secure, and free.


Norton Driver Updater

Users can easily and safely update their drivers for a more trouble-free Windows PC.


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