SAP is changing its culture and helping its customers make the most of the new digital world.

Kathy Gibson attended SAP TechEd in Barcelona to get the details.


Business success derives from analytics, insights

Insight-driven business are more successful, which is why this is the end goal for digital transformation initiatives.

SAP is taking its role in this transformation seriously, and aims to give customers the fastest way to turn data into business value.

This is the word from, Juergen Mueller, chief technology officer and executive board member at SAP, who says the company is undergoing a cultural change to meet this goal.

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Operations plus experience key for intelligent enterprise

The intelligent enterprise doesn’t focus on just technology, but brings operations and experiences together.

Juergen Mueller, chief technology officer and executive board member at SAP, talks about the convergence of O-data – the data from operational systems like SAP’s traditional ERP offerings – and X-data – the customer experience data that can be accessed following the addition of Qualtrics to the SAP stable.

“O-data tells you what happens, X-data tells you why,” says Mueller. “This is SAP’s new DNA.”

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Conversational AI aims for great employee experiences

The humble chatbot can have a much bigger role to play in business operations as it gets smarter and more integrated.

Omer Biran, head of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) at SAP, points out that chatbots – or conversational AI – is about allowing users to interact with services and products in a natural way that is comfortable for them.

There are two user bases for conversational AI, he says, customers and employees.

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Hilti goes global with SAP S/4 HANA

Multinational company Hilti consolidated all of its systems on to SAP S/4 HANA as part of a global business consolidation.

With thorough planning and preparation, the company was able to accomplish the switchover on schedule, with a minimum of downtime.

Hilti is a leader in fastening and demolition technology, and also operates in engineering, measuring and lighting, cutting and grinding, fastening and installation, firestop and insulation, and services.

It manufactures product all over the world, with a particular focus in Europe, Asia and North America.

Back on 2001, the company decided that a consolidated back-end system would create the foundation for its service-oriented approach and the move to a digital future.

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Now anyone can be a developer

Developers are among the most sought after skills today, with many opportunities opening up for creative people able to put their innovative ideas into code.

But just because you didn’t study programming at college, or take a computer science degree in university doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the exciting world of development.

Ronnie Andre Bjorvik Sletta is a developer who creates user experience systems in SAP Fiori. It’s a job he’s done for the last four years – but before that he spent 15 years in the Norwegian army.

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