Samsung Electronics has introduced the CJ89 Monitor in both 43-inch and 49-inch sizes.

The 49-inch is already available in South Africa with a recommended retail price of R20 000. The 43-inch will be available from the end of September with a recommended retail price of R23 000.

With a screen size equivalent to dual 27-inch monitors, workspace on the on the super ultra-wide 49-inch monitor is optimised better than a multiple monitor system.

It also features functions designed for business environments, such as a built-in KVM switch, USB-Type C ports, and built-in stereo speakers.

The diagonal length of the 49-inch curved screen with an aspect ratio of 32:9 is a 124cm. The 1 800R curvature of the display, with a radius of 1 800mm, is shaped to match the natural shape of the human eye, so the viewing experience is more comfortable with less eye strain.

The CJ89’s wide screen is convenient for viewing complex data sets, showing 52 columns Microsoft Excel. Users can also arrange two or three full-sized windows on the same screen.

The CJ89 has a built-in KVM switch, allowing easy manoeuvring of Picture-In-Picture (PIP) mode, which enables users to display multiple applications on the big screen, and Picture-By-Picture (PBP) mode, which transforms one monitor into dual monitors.

The CJ89 can be divided into either two 16:9 screens, or 21:9 and 11:9 screens. With Samsung’s Easy Setting Box software, users can choose from a variety of layouts when viewing multiple Internet windows and documents.

The CJ89 has USB Type-C ports, simultaneously delivering electric power, data, and display signal between devices.

Gamers can enjoy an immersive experience with the monitor’s crisp 3 840×1 080 high resolution and super ultra-wide screen, and a 144 Hz refresh rate.

The CJ89 has built-in 7-watt dual speakers.