The free South African-made mobile app Sxuirrel is now available for Android as well as iOS devices.

Sxuirrel helps connect people who need space with people who have space to offer.

Sxuirrel allows users to list three types of space: storage space, parking space – and soon-to-be-added eventing space in the form of venues.

The incentive that Sxuirrel offers to the users with extra space to offer is the opportunity to turn space into an income stream. Anyone with extra space in their home or garage, unused parking and eventing space (coming soon) can register on the app and list your space for a fee.

Those who need it will find the listing when searching for storage space on the app.

The app allow users to search through the listings based on location, after which you can filter results according to price, size and additional features.

The company has implemented safety measures to ensure a safe and user experience.

Sxuirrel’s footprint currently includes Stellenbosch, Cape Town and Gauteng, but the company is expanding nationwide.