Ricoh has launched a series of smart compact multi-function printers (MFPs) to help automate everyday document processes and empower workforces to focus more on core business activities.

The new devices, which will soon be in South Africa, feature Ricoh’s new Smart Integration platform that enables users to tailor workflow solutions for their specific needs by integrating office devices with cloud services.

“Office workers get apps, which are easy to use, that connect the devices to popular, third-party cloud services,” says Jacques van Wyk, CEO of Ricoh SA. “They can access, use and share important information instantly so they can be more efficient and the devices cost-effective.”

The IM 350, IM 350F, and IM 430F black and white MFPs are part of Ricoh’s Dynamic Workplace Intelligence approach. Each features Ricoh’s 10,1-inch Smart Operation Panel that lets people automate time-consuming processes. And Ricoh’s Intelligent Support lets people perform remote software updates via the device panel.