Technological disruption in business continues to march forward. No longer an optional, “nice-to-have”, technological disruption is a critical business enabler, without which no organisation can hope to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive markets.

It has been estimated that up to 60% of sales failure can be chalked up to poor sales planning and a lack of sales cycle optimisation – and in an age with limitless digital tools available, that’s 60% too much.

Ivan Naidoo, CEO of Tsar Business Solutions, a national ERP solutions provider with an Africa footprint, knows the struggle first-hand. With sales planning becoming more and more critical to his growing business, he implemented SYSPRO’s PartnerUP solution in his own operations to such great effect that Tsar Business Solutions decided to pass the benefits on to its own clients, by becoming a premium PartnerUP solutions provider.

Naidoo explains: “My business is based on customised software solutions that fit in with the specific needs of each client. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients to deliver the best possible outcomes, and through my own experience, I knew that an emphasis on good sales planning and ERP could deliver that and more.”

The PartnerUP programme actively encourages knowledge enhancement and ongoing sales optimisation training for every user, with a focus on breaking new ground in previously untapped target markets and adding value to the customer lifecycle for long-term viability.

It encompasses training, tools and enablement solutions for sales and implementation, as well as business analysis and marketing tools. PartnerUP also enables users to react quickly to fast-changing conditions, penetrate global markets and remain competitive, efficient, agile and dedicated to their core competencies. This can only be achieved within an ecosystem of trusted partnerships.

“Our PartnerUP programme was developed around strategic sales planning and enablement to optimise sales cycles and sell more profitably. The SYSPRO T90 rapid partner set-up programme quickly registers, equips and educates our partners with all the tools they need to grow their businesses and service and expand the SYSPRO customer base,” says SYSPRO CEO, Phil Duff.

Duff says, as part of the onboarding process, the portal provides a single access point for the primary contact, sales people and pre-sales people to upskill through a combination of online training and sales tools to use after the training course and coaching.

“We make our partners’ learning experience as comprehensive and accessible as possible through the SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC) and we also offer a number of services to help them make the most of their partnership with SYSPRO. Partners can select product and technical support via phone and email – remotely and on-site. They can also access a world of SYSPRO knowledge online via our PartnerUP portal, which contains a wealth of information in the form of case studies, whitepapers, blog posts and thought leadership articles.”

In conclusion and in agreement with Duff, Naidoo states: “PartnerUP provides partners with all the marketing and ERP assets they need to pitch for new business, along with the tools, techniques and training necessary to accelerate sales with clarity and confidence.”