With work from home (WFH) having become mainstream in South Africa since the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, there’s consensus that the “new normal” will see a hybrid working model emerge, with employees accessing the corporate network at least partly from out of the office.

The move to remote or hybrid working has pushed the requirements for connected mobile devices that are powerful enough to do a full day’s work and attractive enough to be used at home.

HP’s ProBook business laptops offer the best of both: they look great and do a professional job, combining functionality, durability, and design.

Available in 200, 400 and 600 Series, from 13-inch to 17-inch models, they are durable enough to handle a long commute or working on-the-go from anywhere.

In addition, they can be used for a number of purposes – making them ideal for a WFH solution. And, while they’re great for business purposes, they can also be customised into gaming computers that feature a super-stylish design.

The HP ProBooks offer more than enough power – and users can add more through customisation if they need it. Most models include either 8th Generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, Intel’s most powerful processing family yet, and built to handle heavy-duty tasks.

Plus the 8MB cache and four cores on most HP ProBook models means they are tailor-made to perform complex and demanding tasks.

In addition, most of the devices feature the Intel UHD Graphics 620 card, which makes them good at graphics-intensive work as well as gaming.

The HP ProBook was designed specifically for those who need a functional, lightweight device that also packs a lot of power.

HP considered a number of features users would want from their computers when they have to run multiple applications at once. In this environment, battery life is an issue so these laptops can run for up to 14 hours without a charge. They are also fast charging, so users can get back to work after plugging in for just 30 minutes.

Functionality is key for HP ProBooks: a wide-body design makes it easy to spend long hours typing without strain; and the responsive touchpad can handle tasks requiring a delicate touch. The touchpad also includes features like three-finger swiping, pinch-to-zoom, and object rotation.

All HP ProBook models feature anti-glare LED screens, which helps make images look better, and feature 67% sRBG (standard Red Green Blue).

Because they are first and foremost business computers, the HP ProBooks are equipped to connect to a wide range of devices. The three USB 3.1 ports ensure workers can connect to projectors, external drives, docking stations and more. Some of the HP ProBook models even include a USB port specifically for display ports, and all the fixed-frame models feature HDMI ports.

A built-in SD card slot means users can gain immediate access to large files without having to store them on the cloud or an additional hard drive.

Enabling work from home as well as other uses, a webcam that’s fully compatible with Skype provides crisp visuals for meetings and chats.

As a primarily work computer, connectivity is vital for the HP ProBook, so 4G LTE is built into some of the models, making WiFi a breeze.

Security is built into all HP ProBooks, protecting the device, data and user identity. It includes BIOS-level protection and multi-factor authentication, with easy management.

In addition, HP BIOSphere offers additional security, with automatic updates and security checks, while the HP Client Security Suite protects data from theft, attacks and unauthorised access.

Most of the HP ProBooks come with Windows 10 Pro, which includes host of tools and security features to help make the user’s time at work more efficient.

All HP Probooks include a one-year warranty that covers labour costs and standard part replacements, and users can also opt for the additional HP CarePack cover.


The Axiz value-add

Axiz has a key role to play in assisting partners and customers to deploy HP solutions.

“We offer more than just the supply chain, which boasts a national footprint and the ability to roll out technology across the country,” says Annelee Le Grange, General Manager for HP Inc at Axiz. “We are not simply interested in supplying devices. We are able to ensure they get to where they are needed; and that the support is available to help the users.”

Axiz stands ready to help partners understand and target the various reseller programmes, and puts a lot of work into partner enablement, she says.

“We have the people and the skills right here who understand how the programmes work, how HP works, and how to fulfill the customers’ requirements,” Le Grange says. ““We are always on hand to assist our partners wherever they need it.”