For today’s professional business user, mobility isn’t a nice-to-have feature – it’s a non-negotiable necessity.

For professional users, this means a machine powerful enough to perform all the required tasks; and a battery life that will allow for a full day’s work, and more.

Now, mid-afternoon complaints of a dead battery are a thing of the past. With a targeted battery life of 13,5 hours, AMD Ryzen PRO processors with Radeon Vega graphics have the efficiency to keep the workforce going.

The AMD Ryzen PRO Mobile Processor combines the award-winning technology powering AMD Ryzen PRO CPUs with the graphics of the Radeon Vega architecture to accelerate complex computational demands, multitasking, visual computing, and multimedia applications.

When it comes to mobile applications, return on investment (ROI) and long-term consistency can be achieved, along with commercial-grade reliability, image stability, and platform longevity.

The new AMD Ryzen 7 PRO Mobile 2700U and the AMD Ryzen 5 PRO Mobile 2500U,  with Radeon Vega 10 Graphics and Vega 8 Graphics respectively, boast four cores and eight threads; while the AMD Ryzen 3 PRO Mobile 2300U with Radeon Vega 6 Graphics, has four cores and four threads.

A number of features serve to increase the performance of the new AMD Ryzen PRO processors.

Users get a precision boost with hundreds of networked smart sensors gathering information every millisecond to meet performance demands of each workload/application, while automatically monitoring processor energy consumption and temperature. This results in  a raise of the clock speed of  25MHz, hence increasing performances, when the processor is running cool.

Extended Frequency Range (XFR)³ automatically uplifts processor clock in the presence of premium system and processor cooling to give a huge bump in performance.

Neural Net Prediction results from increased efficiency from a true AI that evaluates the current application and predicts the next steps of users ‘workflow before they are needed.

Meanwhile, Smart Prefetch means that sophisticated learning algorithms that prefetch vital data based on user applications and patterns help to speed up computing.

To help maximise performance on-the-go, more than 100 embedded sensors enable exceptional efficiency with minimal energy consumption.

Mobility comes with a host of security challenges; and the new AMD Ryzen PRO is designed to meet them head-on. Every Ryzen PRO processor and Ryzen PRO Processor with Radeon Vega graphics contains a powerful, integrated security co-processor running AMD GuardMI technology helping to enable power-on to power-off protection.

Transparent Secure Memory Encryption provides operating system and application-independent DRAM encryption without requiring software modifications. This has a low performance impact, so added security doesn’t affect how the machine runs.

Industry Standard Secure Boot secures BIOS from the moment of power on and is designed to secure system before threats have an opportunity to penetrate the system.

The AMD Ryzen PRO features the secure storage and processing of trusted applications and realtime intrusion detection.

Importantly, security isn’t just an add-on: the process starts on the assembly line from the moment of production. Every AMD Ryzen PRO processor is tested and confirmed in terms of hardware, firmware, BIOS and configurations.

The on-the-go user can’t spend his time worrying about device management, which is why AMD Ryzen PRO include state-of-the-art manageability. Every processor supports standards-based DASH manageability, which allows quick and easy remote access and diagnostics in-band and out-of-band. Best of all, open source DASH manageability can easily integrate into your existing tools and won’t lock you into proprietary software.

This manageability extends to image stability, with 18-month platform stability empowering smarter, simpler IT planning and investment.

The varying needs of the mobile workforce are addressed with processor and platform longevity: 24-month processor availability allows multi-year PC fleet renewal planning and smarter investment.

All of this is made possible because processors are selected from wafers to ensure commercial grade quality. Processor specifications are set to meet long-term reliability, backed by a 36-Month Limited Warranty to System Manufacture.