In the aftermath of numerous ransomware threats hitting ICT networks across the globe, it has become vital for every enterprise network security professional to implement comprehensive layers of defence.

“One of the biggest challenges in today’s enterprise solutions landscape is to access real end-to-end turnkey solutions for your business,” says Johan Lötter, chief technical officer at Pinnacle. “It is for this exact reason that we at Pinnes established an enterprise product stable focusing heavily on hyperconverged infrastructure.

“Through our various interactions with our clients in this space we soon realised that we needed an additional element to complete our end-to-end offering. We were able to source a reliable and comprehensive firewall solution called Hillstone Networks.”

Pinnacle has confirmed its partnership with Bitrate, which allows it to distribute the Hillstone Network E-Series of firewalls to clients who require from the most basic architecture to carrier grade solutions.

Bitrate’s next-generation firewall provides visibility and control of web applications regardless of port, protocol, or evasive action.

The Hillstone Network E-series can identify and prevent potential threats associated with high-risk applications while providing policy-based control over applications, users, and user-groups. Policies can be defined that guarantee bandwidth to mission-critical applications while restricting or blocking inappropriate or malicious applications.

The E-Series firewalls also incorporate comprehensive network security and advanced firewall features, while offering attractive price-performance and energy efficiency with smaller footprint compared to competitive products.

Lötter adds: “ Pinnacle is proud to be associated with an award winning provider that was recently names the winner in the 14th annual 2018 Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards in Most Innovative Security Product (Hardware) of the year; CloudView – winner in network security and management and CloudEdge, – winner in cloud security.

“These prestigious global awards recognise cybersecurity and information technology vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products, solutions, and services that help set the bar higher in all areas of security and technology.”