Cybersecurity company, Panda Security, has simplified its solution offering bringing together its product range with new Panda Dome.

Panda Dome provides a resilient yet flexible security ‘dome’ to protect its users – affording users global protection against any threat while adapting to any phase of their lives and their pockets.

This is achieved through four customisable plans with independent modules that users can subscribe to in order to ensure their protection is tailored to their specific needs.

Additional modules allow for even greater flexibility in building a solution that meets users’ needs. A series of features including a VPN that allows users anonymity online, can be added to or removed from any plan.

Along with the VPN module users can choose to add CleanUp: a system to speed up, clean and increase the life and performance of PCs, and TotalCare: a 24/7 premium tech support service designed to resolve any domestic IT problem.

Panda Dome is able to detect attacks before they occur, using big data and artificial intelligence (AI).