Africa not only has talent but its open for business. That’s the message being conveyed to the world by the Ndlovu Youth Choir via its online platform.

“We congratulate the Ndlovu Youth Choir for representing the promise of the Bright Continent on America’s Got Talent and for signaling that Africa is open for business by selecting a .africa (dotAfrica) domain name to anchor its online identity,” says Lucky Masilela, CEO of Registry Africa.

In the current challenging climate, the Ndlovu Youth Choir are making South Africans’ proud as they reach the finals of top-rated TV show, America’s Got Talent.

A chorus of African song and dance, the Choir’s dotAfrica website promotes the “Afro-optimist” message of “infectious joy and toe-tapping energy”.

The rising dotAfrica domain name is increasingly being inscribed on traditional and new media platforms across the continent.

“Economies today run on creativity and original thinking just as economies yesterday ran on coal and steam,” says Masilela. “The availability of a new online space is clearly proving valuable to brands, agencies and their respective marketing campaigns, as this latest dotAfrica usage demonstrates.

“Africa is open for business and dotAfrica is our storefront. Incredible strides are taking place on this continent in all spheres, from business to the arts, and it is up to likeminded Africans to come together and tell this positive story through vehicles like the Ndlovu Youth Choir and the dotAfrica domain.”

Photo credit: Ndlovu Youth Choir