Duxbury Networking has launched its Solar Switch with tailored capabilities for applications in less-accessible areas.

It is ideal for locations like mines, construction sites, game farms, forestry, solar and wind farms and mission-critical installation where load shedding is frequent.

The DUX106SPS is a 6-port Unmanaged Gigabit POE switch that offers 5-Gigabit POE ports and one SFP port. The switch supports various PoE outputs on each port with a total budget of 75W, suitable for IEEE802.3af at compatible powered devices (PDs). The switch is designed from industrial-strength material with low power usage and a fan-less design. The working temperature supports -20°C to 65°C, making it ideal for various harsh environments.

Input support is either 12V or 24V from Solar panels, batteries (lead-acid or Lithium) and normal AC/DC power supplies. The compact design makes it the best choice for installation on remote sites.

The solar switch is designed to offer low power consumption and has industrial components with a 100% aging test. There is no fan to ensure a mute design with a cooling hole on the side. These features make the switch stable and reliable in harsh environments.

With plug and play capabilities, users can easily understand the working status of the device through power indicator (PWR), port status indicator (Link/POE), battery status indicator and system status indicator (CPU).