LucidView has launched the LucidView Enforcer to provide clean and safe Internet for homes and SMEs.

The small WiFi access point box is loaded with powerful Internet management capabilities. By plugging it in to an existing network setup, it is possible to route all Internet activity through the device.

The LucidView Enforcer starts at a 20-user capacity and is selling at a special introductory price of just R1 440.00, after which there will be an annual license renewal.

The LucidView Enforcer can block the three main types of undesirable content: pornography, piracy and gambling.

It also includes security features, with the ability to block malware and ransomware phone-home connections.

In addition, LucidView Enforcer, delivers complete transparency into user behaviour on the Internet, providing usage reporting to give the network owner insight into how much time or bandwidth is being spent on which sites and online activities.

It is able to share bandwidth equally between users through a feature called ‘FairShare’.