Kathy Gibson is at the Mighty Comms graduation ceremony – Two young people had their lives changed today.

Pinnacle’s Gerhard Gouws has made an offer of permanent employment to one young lady, who will start a new job as an ALE pre-sales consultant at the distributor on Monday.

A second graduate will be employed in the Alcatel Lucent (ALE) office.

Ravin Naidu, territory manager at ALE, urges all 20 students graduating today to remember their parents and communities.

“There is an end to education, and that is character,” he says. “Do not forget your parents, and to give back to your parents and your communities. Remember to serve.”

He adds that the ALE interns have helped everyone at the company to get in touch with the country and the new generation.

“I am also a product of internship and training,” says Naidu. “When I got my first paycheck, I gave it to my father and he wept, because it was more than he had earned in his life.”