It’s critical for business to make alternative power arrangements, like the Netshield Inverter/Charger range.

The size and costs of the Netshield units are entirely dependent on your desired application, the size of the installation and the existing infrastructure you would like it to connect to.

Ensuring that your power consumption is optimised not only reduces the cost of a smart power backup system but also reduces the day-to-day cost of running of your business. The Netshield units can be naturally expanded with the addition of photo voltaic panel arrays (solar panels). You can also add an intelligent gateway if you require visibility into managing your differing power sources.

Use case for the Netshield Inverters include:

High Power Deep Cycle Line interactive UPS mode – In the event of load shedding or an unstable grid connection your unit will kick into the high-power deep cycle line interactive UPS mode and will switch over into online mode within 12 milliseconds. This mode relies on the battery charge being maintained by the grid power when it is available.

Grid Assisted solution – The grid assisted inverter mode is a hybrid mode, where you can run a grid connection in conjunction with additional renewable energy resources, like solar panels. In this instance the inverter and renewable energy source will be your primary energy feed and will only switch over to the grid supply in the event that this supply has run out and the batteries need to be recharged. Once recharged it will automatically and seamlessly switch back to the inverter.

Generator Assisted mode – If you are “off the grid” this is where the generator assisted mode will be the most suitable. Batteries are charged by photo voltaic solar panels and/or wind generators, however if the renewable resource or “utility” power and/or the battery sourced power doesn’t service the actual required load, the inverter will switch over to an installed generator. While the generator is running it will concurrently charge the unit’s batteries and once the charge has been met, it will automatically switch back to the inverter. Optimising the required run time of the generator as it is switched off once the batteries have recharged.

The Netshield units are designed to act as the core of a reliable power feed and work in supply from 1kVA to 12KVA continuously, and up to 2kVA to 36KVA power instantiations with a battery charging capability of up to 10 to 120Amp dependant of optimisation product selection.