Interactive boards and displays are finding favour among South African educators as replacements for overhead projectors, blackboards and traditional television screens.

Students and teachers alike are enthusiastic about these technologies because they introduce more interactivity and collaboration into the classroom, says Pieter Geere, product manager for Promethean at Tarsus Distribution, the local distributor of Promethean’s interactive products for the education sector.

“Interactive boards and displays create powerful new ways for teachers to share their knowledge and engage students,” says Geere. “They’re equally suited to learners who absorb knowledge best through visuals or audio, and their touch functionality is great for tactile learners. Plus, they allow teachers to easily introduce a range of media into their classroom, expanding the palette of teaching tools at their disposal.”

Geere says that the interactive nature of these products means that they promote collaboration and sharing of knowledge in the classroom. Students can learn through interaction with their peers and with the technology, creating an engaging learning experience that gets the class deeply involved in the subject matter.

Promethean World is a global education company that develops, integrates and implements learning environments. The integration of its hardware products with the classroom software solutions and course material is one of its key differentiators. Its ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch functionality, a dry-erase surface and software to foster an interactive learning experience.

It provides teachers with a wide range of tools to support their daily instruction while respecting tight budgets.

Geere concludes: “The Promethean panels and boards are enjoying growing traction in classrooms across the world because they are simple and intuitive for both learners and teachers. They are affordable, easy to support, durable and reliable. They also support most educational technologies while offering teachers access to the excellent teaching resources and community of Promethean World.”