Human-centric innovation was the topic at the centre of discussions at the Fujitsu World Tour in Johannesburg. Kathy Gibson reports.

Don’t neglect the human element in digital transformation

Human beings are at the centre of innovation as the journey to digital innovation gets underway.

In the data centre, this involves driving a paradigm shift from hardware to a software-defined environment, says Udo Wurtz, chief evangelist: data centre business EMEA at Fujitsu.

Over the past couple of years, Wurtz explains, IT hasmoved from serving just a few thousand users in the mainframe era to millions of users in the client/server era. The so-called 3rd Platform, he says, servse billions or even trillions of users through mobile devices and apps.

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Volkswagen and its digitalisation journey

The automotive industry is one of those that is facing massive disruption, and has had to make some strategic changes.

“These changes are enabling us to move to some of the new innovative changes the industry is faced with,” says Antonio Raposo, CIO of Volkswagen Group South Africa.

“The automotive industry is one of the major industries being challenged by the digital era.”

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What it takes to be a digital disrupter

Technology is having a profound effect on how companies across the board are doing business now and into the future.

Although there have been waves of technology before now, this one is greatly accelerated, says Frederico Carvalho, META regional business director at Intel.

“This creates a number of challenges,” he says.

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