One of the main findings of Microsoft’s 2022 Work Trend Index — an annual study that outlines the top trends business leaders must pay attention to in the shift to hybrid work — is that “every organisation in every industry will have to infuse technology into every business process and function to do more with less and remain competitive in a South African and global economy”.

Greg Griffith, senior product manager at Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa, says: “Businesses can now advance with a more centralised approach to print and security management while lowering print expenses thanks to the Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan solution, which supports professional mobility and the anywhere-office.”

Small-to-medium and enterprise businesses alike will benefit from our cloud-based print and scan solution, which includes integration with: Microsoft Azure and SharePoint, as well as Kyocera’s Mobile PrintApp for Android and iOS.

Griffith says that the Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan solution is optimal for organisations that are aiming to increase productivity in hybrid workspaces, by offering the following advantages:

* Secure print release – data encryption is used and documents are outputted only after user authentication.

* Multiple scan options – scan from multiple locations and scan to the cloud, third-party cloud storage or email a downloadable link.

* Reporting – reports by user or group provide actionable data to manage printing costs.

* Print Policies – assign group print policies to improve efficiency and save paper.

* User Management – easy to set limits, add, import and manage users and the associated costs.

“The solution builds on our print from anywhere and scan-to-the-cloud solution, and we’re thrilled that our users can easily boost business productivity whilst saving on operational costs,” says Griffith.

Additionally, Kyocera worked with Microsoft to offer integration with Universal Print for selected Kyocera MFPs and printers. Universal Print is a multi-tenant, cloud-based modern print service from Microsoft which allows organisations to manage their print infrastructure through Microsoft 365 cloud services.

“Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan reflects our expanding position in document solutions, enabling businesses to tackle current issues and future-proof themselves,” concludes Griffith.