It’s reality – South African markets are tough right now.

By Tim Humphreys-Davies, CEO of Pinnacle

However, Pinnacle’s attitude is one of resilience. We are striving to better our overall management focus with regards to stock, internal human resources and forecasting processes.

We also feel that we need to continue to innovate and add value to our customers through pre-sales support, innovative cost savings in the supply chain and added technical services.

We currently have a dual business focus that covers internal and external outlooks.

Internally, we want to be directed by our core values which still run true from the brand essence that we launched in May 2016 last year.

These principals continually enable our staff to “live the exceptional” through ongoing product and brand training, our annual sales conference, and international events like the recent MSInspire conference. I truly feel that if your employees are equipped with knowledge and creativity your business can withstand any outside pressure.

In addition to our internal focus, we realised that we needed to work hard externally to ensure our customers are aware of our added-value services, in addition to our consistent product and services offerings. These are what ultimately differentiate us from our competitors.

In the last few months, Pinnacle has also put in place a strategy to ensure increased marketing efforts by means of a robust and ever-evolving communications strategy.

In May this year we hosted our top customers and vendors at a successful event called Techscape, which really enabled our customers to share our vision with regards to technology changes within the industry as well as empowering them to sell the product better to their end-customers.

Currently our enterprise focus and the new Pinnes division brings an overall end-to-end solution to the table. By presenting our customers with the latest technology and internationally-recognised innovative brands and processes fit for the southern African market we are able to gain market share in areas that we couldn’t previously.

We are pleased with Pinnacle’s performance over the last financial year. Our focus is correct, our growth strategies are in place, our employees are happy, and we all have a common goal to provide our customers with constant communication as to place them at the centre of economic activity for the next financial year.