Cape Town digital print and design specialist Hot Ink has introduced the city’s first Xerox Iridesse production press from Altron Bytes Document Solutions (BDS).

The Xerox Iridesse opens new production-level application opportunities, including clear, silver, gold and white dry inks, in addition to CMYK. It raises the bar on media type, extra length and density support, print speed, colour calibration technology, and numerous other enhancements that make the Iridesse the new industry standard for high-end digital printing.

Co-founders Nic Johnson and Lisa Saville believe the extra dimensionality of the Iridesse makes perfect sense for the company’s client base.

“Our success is built on the twin principles of loyalty and quality, both of which resonated with us when we were first introduced to the Iridesse by BDS,” says Johnson. We enjoy a 21-year partnership with Xerox, and while there may be one or two alternatives for high-end embellished printing on the market, when the Iridesse was launched there was nothing else that came close to consideration.”

Saville adds that the Iridesse also made sense from a production perspective.

“The Iridesse allows us to create more variation for our clients, such as gold and silver layers under and not just over CMYK colours,” she says. “Support for thicker (400gsm) media also increases our options, especially for premium business cards, folios and packaging, and the Iridesse is a much faster machine as well, with extra trays that potentially allow us to queue five jobs in a row and walk away knowing they’ll be perfectly produced.”

Sporting an improved ultra-high definition engine with a combination of 1200 x 1200 dpi x 10 bit RIP rendering and 2400 x 2400 dpi x 1 bit print imaging, the Iridesse also includes Xerox’s all-new low-gloss, small-particle High Definition Emulsion Aggregate (HD EA) toner, xerographic design advantages and automatic IQ corrections that work together to create brilliant results for text, fine graphic details, tints, solids, and photographs.

With standard 4 000-sheet capacity media trays and extended support for media up to 400gsm, HD EA Silver and Gold Dry Inks can be layered with CMYK to create vibrant spot colours, metallic gradients, photographic enhancements and more, inline, in a single pass, and at rated speed.