There is little help in the market for the small business IT professional who continues to wear multiple hats, juggling the need to digitally transform the business, allow employees to remain mobile and stay on top of the threat of cyberattacks.

With the launch of its Small Business (SB) Portal, Westcon-Comstor is helping resellers fast track their delivery of IT solutions that are secure, simple and flexible enough to meet the demands of this cost sensitive but IT savvy market segment.

Leveraging Cisco’s range of affordable small business solutions, Westcon-Comstor is providing a plethora of options to this market, including: Meraki for cloud-based networking, Umbrella for simple security, Webex Teams for one-stop collaboration, and HyperFlex for a streamlined data centre.

“Small businesses are stretched and as IT professionals we must provide them with solutions that enable them to work smarter, not harder,” says Louise Taute, Comstor Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa. “With the full range of Cisco Small Business solutions our resellers can create an end-to-end digital offering that extends passed just the network, unlocking the potential of the mobile workforce, leveraging the cloud and ensuring that all of the above remain secure.

“The time where inferior product is offloaded on small business is over. It is our responsibility to help future-proof this market segment and in turn enable their business growth. This is after all the biggest and most economically viable market in South Africa today.”

Unpacking the Cisco Small Business portfolio, resellers can leverage an extensive range of affordable technologies. Including:

  • Switches to help simplify the network, but not compromise on quality
  • Routers that have baked in security and are easy to install
  • Security solutions that extend from the edge to the data centre and into the cloud
  • Collaboration offerings that enable better, faster and easier communication amongst employees and customers
  • Wireless Networking offerings to grant secure and reliable access to the network
  • Data Centre technologies that are secure and affordable

“Critically the Cisco solutions address three key challenges, namely the strain on small and over extended IT teams, multivendor complexity and aging IT infrastructure, all of which can stymie growth in a small business. Our goal as one of the longest standing and most skilled Cisco distributors in the region, is to ensure that our resellers continually have the tools, products and skills to tackle these challenges head on and deliver results to their customers,” ends Taute.

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