The first leg of the Gartner IT Symposium | Xpo world tour was held in Cape Town this week (15 to 18 September 2019).

Kathy Gibson was on hand to report on all the new research and trends:

Now for the next 50 years of connectivity …

Connectivity has driven a fundamental change on the world we live in – and placed technology leaders in a position to help shape the future.


The changing role of the CIO

As a CIO, how will you handle the turns that are coming to find your techqulibrium?


Techquilibrium for the everything customer

Customers can’t be left out of the techquilibrium conversation.


Don’t ignore new waves of disruption

As digital projects move from optimisation to transformation, the ability to disrupt becomes a critical discipline.


Blockchain in the real world

Blockchain has moved from being over-hyped to a certain level of disillusion – almost a blockchain winter.


What mistakes are you making in your digital transformation?

There’s a recognition that digital business transformation is necessary in every organisation – but not everyone is doing it right.


It’s time for digital to show business the money

It’s time for digital to show value. CEOs want to see a return on investment (ROI) on the significant investments they have made in technology so far.


People key to achieving digital business transformation

Achieving digital dexterity is key for organisations to succeed in digital business transformation – and the CIO is the catalyst to make this happen.


Top technology trends for 2020

Technology will impact the way we all do business, and there are some trends that organisations cannot afford to ignore.


How CIOs can transform to become digital leaders

The role of the CIO – largely unchanged for the last three decades – is under threat, and this is being exacerbated by the digital business transformation.


Prepare now for the AI workforce

Artificial intelligence (AI) will drive new ways of working, and we will see the emergence of a whole new AI-enabled workforce.


Learn from past failures how not to do AI

One of the best ways to design for the future is to look at the past – and we can learn how to apply artificial intelligence (AI) more effectively by examining high-profile failures.


API disruption set to accelerate

Thanks to application programming interfaces (APIs), anyone can build the next “killer app” – but there’s so much more to come.


Future pragmatists drive long-term vision

Digital society is the key to our future but, as we focus on the detail of how to make digital transformation happen, we often forget the long-term vision.


Gartner outlines barriers to AI adoption

More organisations are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) -14% of global CIOs have already deployed AI and 48% will deploy it in 2019 or by 2020, according to Gartner’s 2019 CIO Agenda survey.