Fujitsu has launched a new, extended range of PalmSecure-based biometric security solutions that consigns passwords to history by making biometric ID easy to use across a wide variety of day-to-day applications.

Available immediately, the expanded Fujitsu PalmSecure offering comprises four main elements: Fujitsu Biometric Authentication PalmSecure ID Engine, ID GateKeeper, ID LifePass and ID Login V2 for access to client computing, physical access to buildings or data centers and to all kinds of applications via a simple and comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API).

The new offering enables customers to benefit from a very broad range of password-free biometric authentication applications.

PalmSecure enables organizations to step up to the highest level of biometric security, while increasing convenience for users and avoiding costly service desk interactions to reset forgotten passwords. Powerful integration capabilities allow customers to build ultra-secure biometric control into solutions for physical access to buildings and devices, as well as logical access to specific applications and services.

The contactless PalmSecure authentication system uses biometric technology developed based on Fujitsu’s more than two decades of image recognition experience and incorporates technology from BioSec Group to authenticate users based on the unique pattern of their palm veins. Vein patterns are unique to individuals and contain detailed characteristics, allowing a template to be formed for each user.

PalmSecure’s advanced authentication algorithm produces an extremely-high level of accuracy and application versatility. A false acceptance rate below 0.00001 percent (1 in 10-million) and false rejection rate of 0,01% (1 in 10 000) make PalmSecure one of the most accurate biometric authentication system currently available on the market. The contactless reader is hygienic and non-invasive, and leads to very high levels of user acceptance.