DJI has announced the latest addition to the renowned Osmo series, the Osmo Mobile 3, a portable, foldable mobile phone stabiliser.

Users can capture ultra-steady video footage and unique content using intelligent features programmed into the latest version of the DJI Mimo app.

The Osmo Mobile 3 has a folding design that lets the user quickly unfold and mount a mobile phone.

It also boasts 15 hours of battery,

Vital controls are manageable with just one hand thanks to buttons on the handle that let users control the gimbal’s movement and access useful features.

A trigger helps manoeuvre the gimbal by locking orientation, rotating the gimbal for selfies, and even re-centrering when tracking a subject. By using ActiveTrack, users can tap the trigger once, and Osmo Mobile 3 will begin tracking while keeping the subject centred within the frame.

User can also zoom in and out with the dedicated zoom slider on the side of the stabiliser without needing to touch the screen of the mobile device. The can also customise zoom speed based on personal preference.

Osmo Mobile 3 uses the advanced DJI Mimo app and offers fun and creative pre-programmed modes including story mode, gesture control, sport mode, Active Track 3.0, TimeLapse, MotionLapse, HyperLapse, panorama and slow motion.