Epson has launched the SureColor SC-P5000 17-inch printer. Designed for proofing, fine art and photography applications, the SC-P5000 can be selected with a violet or LLK inkset, and can achieve near-perfect colour matching of up to 99% of Pantone Solid Coated Colours.

The SureColor SC-P5000 has been designed to replace the popular Stylus Pro 4900 and to complete the SureColor range with HDX ink, which also includes the SC-P7000 (24-inch) and SC-P9000 (44-inch). It’s available in two options, one with an inkset including violet for pre-press proofing by advertisers, manufacturers and designers, to ensure accurate packaging, marketing materials and corporate colours; the other features an LLK inkset, and is aimed at professional photographers and fine artists.

The SC-P5000, which uses Epson’s advanced printhead technology to make high-resolution, long-lasting prints. 3,5pl droplet size and 2880x1440dpi resolution ensure crisp, detailed results, while Ultrachrome HDX inks offer much improved lightfastness. The SC-P5000 fits seamlessly into any proofing workflow, and is capable of automated proof checking with the SpectroProofer installed. The new printer is supported by all major RIP and software vendors.