Dell has announced its lightest, smallest and most power-efficient thin client. Compatible with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware virtual workspace environments, the Wyse 3040 is an entry-level Intel x86-based quad-core thin client.

With a new slim line form factor starting at just 0,24kg , the Wyse 3040 is the first entry-level thin client to feature an Intel Atom X5 1.44GHz quad-core processor that supports up to 2Gb DDR3 RAM and 8Gb flash, delivering 30% better performance than previous generations.

Additional features include:

  • Choice in operating system: The Wyse 3040 comes with the virus-resistant Wyse ThinOS software that is ultra-secure with no published APIs and therefore no attack surface. Starting in June 2017, customers will also be able to choose Wyse ThinLinux, a thin client-optimised software based on SUSE Linux that has been further hardened and optimised by Dell for thin client environments.
  • Robust connectivity: Supporting a broad range of peripheral attachments and network connections to meet business needs, the Wyse 3040 thin client includes two DisplayPort interfaces, support for dual digital display (2560×1600), and four USB ports – one of which is USB 3.1 Gen 1 for high-speed connectivity.
  • Easy manageability: Dell offers a full suite of on-premise, off-premise and auto management software options to deliver robust, enterprise-level manageability that can scale to tens of thousands of devices. For simplified out-of-the-box automatic setup, configuration and management, Wyse Device Manager and Wyse Cloud Client Manager give IT teams remote configuration and policy management through a single, intuitive console.

The Wyse 3040 thin client is compatible with all of the major virtualisation software brokers including Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS and VMware Horizon. In addition to the already supported Citrix HDX, Microsoft RDP and PCoIP protocols, Wyse 3040 will also support VMware Blast Extreme remote protocol starting June 2017.