Datacentrix, secured two accolades at the recent 2019 Mimecast Partner Awards, including the prestigious ‘Top Performing Partner of the Year’ award.

According to Wayne Olsen, security business unit manager at Datacentrix, despite being a major discussion topic within the industry, realistically, many local companies are afraid to make the move to the cloud.

“At the same time, with 93% of malware delivered into organisations via e-mail, local companies now have a heightened awareness of e-mail security and management. Mimecast’s e-mail security, service continuity and archiving offering represents the first stepping stone into the cloud for a number of our customers.

“The proprietary cloud architecture allows Datacentrix to detect and stop e-mail-based attacks in the cloud, before they even reach the customer,” Olsen adds.

He explains that Datacentrix has placed a strong focus on growing the local Mimecast market share since becoming a partner three years ago, seeing a massive upturn in Mimecast business over the past two years in particular. “Our emphasis on Mimecast played out with Datacentrix being named as the ‘Most Improved Partner’ last year, and now again for the second time.

“Our crowning achievement, however, has been this year’s ‘Top Performing Partner’ award. We are thrilled to announce that Datacentrix achieved Mimecast’s largest deal globally in 2018, a major contributing factor to our 400 percent growth in new business over the past year.”

Says Haley Higgs, channel marketing manager at Mimecast: “Datacentrix winning the title of Top Performing Partner was a noteworthy achievement for the organisation; they have really shot the lights out over the past year,” she explains. “Our awards are open to all local partners, and as our top performer, Datacentrix’ combined new business and upsell business surpassed the value of our other entrants for the year. For the Most Improved award, we compared the company’s combined new business and upsell business with the previous year’s performance, and Datacentrix came out on top here too.

“Datacentrix understands the value Mimecast solutions can bring to local businesses, and the company’s insight into its clients has been invaluable,” she adds.