Kathy Gibson is at the Mustek Roadshow in Kempton Park – There has been a massive spike in the number of threats and vulnerabilities that users are subject to – and Lenovo is taking the issue of security seriously.

All Lenovo products are secure by design, and the vendor also has an incident response centre that can quickly react to industry-wide issues, says product manager Julian Pienaar.

Data security and privacy is a massive issue. Today, security is about more than just securing software – data privacy is arguably more important than ever, and is covered in the Lenovo Privacy Statement.

“We offer security that is built in, not bolted on.” Pienaar adds.

Lenovo works only with trusted, verified suppliers, On open and transparent process ensures that all components are secure so Lenovo can be confident in the security of every product it ships.

One in every four PCs sold in South Africa is a Lenovo device.

The commercial portfolio encompasses the ThinkPad, ThinkBook, ThinkCentre, ThinkStation, ThinkReality, ThinkSmart, ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile, ThinkVision, Chromebook and Winbook devices, and smart phones from Motorola.

Its strategy revolves around the modern workforce and workplace, with an eye on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality/augmented reality (AR/VR) and AOAC/5G

ThinkPad is the company’s flagship product. It s core tenets are purposeful design, relentless innovation and trusted quality.

ThinkShield is a suite of products that is designed to protect data, identity, the device and the online environment.

The first foldable PC, announced last year, will be available around the end of Q2 this year.

Other new products will be the X1 Nano, weighing less that 1kg, and the new X1 Titanium.

On the desktops, new form factors will be released in May, with a clean an modern device that fits the modern workplace.