In what it believes is an African channel first, Axiz has announced the signing of Innova HTS, a new partner that enables cost-effective broadband satellite solutions into Africa.

Jacques Malherbe, Axiz chief technology officer and managing executive of Advanced Technologies, says that Axiz is pleased to introduce this leading technology into its product and services offering.

“We look forward to providing groundbreaking and innovative connectivity technology,” he says. “Because of the geographical spread in both South Africa and the rest of Africa there are vast areas that have no connectivity. This hampers access to basic internet, IoT and cloud services. All these fourth industrial benefits can only be realised with connectivity.”

Innova HTS provides high throughput satellite (HTS) services in Africa.

Innova HTS director Rob Griggs, explains: “While Ka-band HTS has been in the first world for three years, extensive coverage for Africa only came about with satellites being launched from late 2017 onwards. Ka-band HTS is a game-changing industry wide innovation that is vastly expanding the market for satellite communications. Furthermore, the economic broadband speeds, low-cost Ka-band terminals and simple implementation, lends itself to a channel model from a respected distributor such as Axiz.”

He says that the UN has declared Internet access a basic human right, but hundreds of millions of Africans still remain unconnected: “Axiz and Innova HTS’s vision is to accelerate the adoption of HTS satellite broadband enabled WiFi to them.”