Axiz has won in three categories at the 2019 Context ChannelWatch Awards, taking the honours in Customer Service, Retail Partner, and Overall Distributor of the Year.

Context ChannelWatch is an online IT-reseller survey, with resellers in each country nominating the distributors they work with for the awards.

Craig Brunsden, MD of Axiz, says: “We are thrilled to have won these awards, as they reflect the hard work and dedication that we have put in to growing all our partners’ businesses. It is a real honor to receive this recognition, as it shows that our efforts to provide our partners with top-quality ICT solutions to meet their needs are paying off.”

Howard Davies, Context CEO and co-founder says: “We are delighted to see Axiz win these three awards. It is a real testament to their ability to achieve excellence in this field, and the high regard in which they are held by their resellers.”