Nology, the official distributor for AirTies in South Africa, has announced local availability of the AirTies 4920 Home WiFi Mesh System.

With Internet access speeds getting faster and faster, the conventional home WiFi architecture of a single router is becoming problematic. The weakening of wireless signals through walls and floors results in poor WiFi performance and dead-spots.

Range extenders can improve WiFi coverage, but create multiple networks to navigate and requires the user to manually switch between networks.

Unlike traditional Wi-Fi, which relies on a single router, the AirTies Home WiFi Mesh system uses multiple nodes placed around the home to create an intelligent and seamless Mesh network that ensures consistent, high-quality WiFi performance in every room.

Using super-fast wireless 802.11ac technology the AirTies Mesh system will keep the whole family connected no matter where they are in the house. Installation and setup is via a user-friendly smartphone application, which also provides a wealth of statistics and information on your home network status.