Acer Africa has introduced Synergy, a bespoke rewards based program which will assist its partners to reach its internal and sales goals.

The objective of Synergy is to motivate resellers to reach certain targets every quarter and offering tools like incentives and training to make these goals achievable.

Acer’s business model has an exclusive focus on the channel, and the portal is designed to support partners to meet their customer needs. It performs goal-orientated functions and Acer representatives are assigned to each client ensuring that each project performs optimally.

The program has become an integral part of Acer’s business, with dedicated staff managing the portal on a daily basis.

Acer’s Synergy Partner Program also provides a wide range of benefits and instruments designed to market Acer’s products and solutions effectively and to maximise opportunities.

Synergy uses a tiered rebate system:

* Synergy Silver: Acer spend of R0 – R299 999.00 per quarter.

* Synergy Gold: Acer spend of R300 000.00 – R1 999 999.00 per quarter.

* Synergy Platinum: Acer spend of R2 000 000.00 > per quarter.

In addition to this, there are partner rebates which are incorporated in one part of the benefits system. Partner rebates assist in boosting the bottom line. Synergy Gold partners receive 1% rebate while Synergy Platinum partners receive 2% rebate. These are paid directly to partners based on their performance in the calendar quarter throughout the year in the form of cash.

Acer aims to align its reward system to the values of the company as a whole. Acer’s Reliability Promise means that products are built and tested, incorporating features designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. This allows the customer to claim 100% refund of the full price paid if your Acer device develops a fault and is repaired under warranty within the first year.

The Acer Synergy Fast Lane assists in boosting the bottom line which is open to all synergy partners and provides support up to 200 units (notebooks, desktops, 2 in 1 devices). This incentive offered by the platform allows partners to be paid directly form Acer.

Depending on which level (Sliver, Gold, Platinum) each partner qualifies for, they will receive different benefits/support from the different categories: sales, marketing, sales support, training and business.

The Acer Synergy program is open for all resellers except retailers. Since the Synergy platform was introduced last year, the company has grown by 15%. There has been a total increase of 121% in total logins, a 4,4% increase in page views, with the best performance pages being Benefits and Best4Business which experienced a 238% increase.