The aim of the Acer for Education organisation is to develop a new kind of interaction between teachers and students, based on reliable and easy-to-use solutions you can trust.

With 30 years’ experience in the ICT industry, Acer has developed a full portfolio of hardware and software products designed specifically for education. These work within the company’s education ecosystems that provides best-in-class solutions.

The vendor’s product solutions are robust and offer a low total cost of ownership (TCO), reliable service and support, and a wealth of research and pilot projects that underpin its solutions.


Acer Classroom Manager

Acer Classroom Manager (ACM) is a feature-rich software solution developed with the different needs of teachers, students and technical staff in mind. ACM simplifies multimedia teaching and learning by integrating classroom PC management and monitoring via an easy-to-use interface. This allows teachers to focus on teaching and not on managing various devices.

With ACM, teachers can easily supervise and interact with their students individually, in groups, or with the entire class. They can save time by launching applications or websites simultaneously on all classroom PCs beforehand, keep a record of attendance, monitor student activities and progress, and test students for comprehension and understanding.

ACM is free of charge and can be preinstalled on all Acer products or downloaded from the Acer global website.

How Acer Classroom Manager can help teachers:

  • Centrally instruct students on their computers or share and demonstrate content;
  • Monitor students and help them to focus on topics and discussions;
  • Maximise time management by making it easier to access content; and
  • Keep track of and effortlessly capture and save lesson details.Acer TeachSmart

Acer TeachSmart features the use of 4-color LED lights that are embedded on the cover of each student’s laptop. These lights allow students to use colours to answer questions posed by the teacher.

The solution also features specifically designed interfaces for teachers and students alike. For teachers, their interface allows them to easily distribute class contents, and create and send out announcements, surveys and quizzes. It also has a random selection feature, which randomly selects students to answer questions or groups them into teams. For students, their interface allows them to easily communicate with the teacher, get class contents, take quizzes, and even request bathroom breaks.

How does Acer TeachSmart make the classroom better?

  • Four-color-LED lights make testing and quizzing more fun and engaging;
  • Simplifies the process of distributing class materials and homework assignments;
  • The random selection feature ensures a balanced level of student participation;
  • Real-time analytics enhances the ability of teachers to customize and modify the class syllabus; and
  • Automatic test and quiz grading frees up teachers to focus on other tasks.Hardware devicesFor primary school students these include the Android-based 8-inch Iconia One 8 tablet and the 10,1-inch Iconia Tab 10; and the 8-inch Windows-based Iconia Tab 8W.Secondary school students, notebooks offer multiple connectivity options to access the Web and world of apps and content designed to help them learn n interactive and creative ways. With their more complex workloads, university students want a powerful device that is still thin and light enough to carry around. Acer also offers its CloudBook for Education, available with 11,6-inch and 14-inch displays. These devices combine the familiar Windows experience with the flexibility and affordability of a cloud-orientated device that boasts a fast wireless connection.Acer has the 13,3-inch Aspire S7 and the 14-inch Travelmate P654, both offering top performance and at least eight hours of battery life.Monitors include the B6 and V6 series that boast low power consumption with high resolution.Acer is a leading projector vendor, offer the Projector U5320W and the Projector S1383WHne that are optimised for education applications.
  • Desktops are the super-compact Veriton N Series, Veriton L Series, Veriton Z Series and the Chromebook CXI.
  • Within the classroom, Acer offers a range of desktops and monitors that are reliable and easy to manage.
  • Teachers also need to have a reliable and powerful device, allowing them to create compelling lessons while monitoring and managing their students work.
  • Acer recommends the five-in-one Aspire Switch 12 with a 12,5-inch FHD display and eight hours of battery life; or the Aspire V13/14/15 with either 13,4-inch, 14-inch or 15,6-inch FHD display and seven hours of battery life.
  • Products include the 10,1-inch Aspire Switch 10 E; the 11,6-inch TravelMate B116; and the TravelMate P2 Series available in 13,3-inhc, 14-inch, 15,6-inch and 17-inch formats.
  • These tablets are small enough to fit in little hands, while being intuitive and easy to use. They guarantee a long better lie and the sturdiness needed to withstand the wear and tear of daily user.
  • Acer has developed a range of hardware devices that are perfect for learning applications.