Zimperium has appointed Corr-Serve as its exclusive southern African distributor of the company’s real-time, on-device protection against both known and unknown threats.

Zimperium covers Android, iOS and Chromebook endpoints through its z9 machine learning-based engine, which protects mobile devices from device, network, phishing and application attacks, detecting 100% of zero-day mobile exploits in stark contrast to the limitations of cloud-based detection.

The announcement comes as Corr-Serve expands its rapidly growing cybersecurity portfolio to resellers and managed security service providers in the sub-Saharan region.

Ashish Patel, GM: Europe, Middle East and Africa at Zimperium, comments: “The fundamental reliance on mobile devices in Africa makes it imperative to have security from the source. We work on the premise that you should be safe before you start.  When almost everything is delivered on mobile devices, users and enterprises need the peace of mind that there is good cyberhygiene protecting them, their data, identity, and their business from the get-go.

“The past year has proven that as mobile endpoints continue to be part of the larger, evolving attack surface, the number of threats against them continues to rise as well,” he adds.

“As mobile continues to be adopted into everyday workflows, the avenues of attack will continue to be shown. The mobile endpoint’s security posture connected to corporate networks, both managed and unmanaged, needs to be addressed early on to avoid any of these devices becoming the starting point for a much larger security incident,” advises Patel.

“Zimperium’s platform offers real-time and responsive protection against even unknown cyber-attacks. For example, phishing scams happen in South Africa almost every day and are on the rise since Covid-19.  It’s one of the top five targeted countries in the world.  In many cases, mobile users are just a click away from identity theft or losing important data.  We’re pleased to be able to partner with Corr-Serve to extend our offerings into this market to assist enterprises in preventing and protecting against these kinds of attacks,” he notes.

Mark van Vuuren, product director for Corr-Serve, adds: “In our region, as with the rest of the world, distributed workplaces and remote workforces are a current reality.  We have been looking beyond conventional security platforms to identify an enterprise mobility security technology that can address today’s environment.  Zimperium was without doubt the frontrunner in our decision to find a technology that would secure mobile endpoints and protect mobile apps with scale.  It was the only on-device, machine-learning based security engine with a 100% track record.

“As enterprises of all sizes evolve their security posture and workforce in unison, the priority to adopt advanced mobile threat defense toolsets like Zimperium continues to rise among security and IT leaders. The only way enterprises can shore up their zero trust architecture and gather the data they need for solid security posture and controls, is with advanced mobile endpoint device security,” concludes Van Vuuren.