Zebra Technologies has announced the rapid growth of its Mobile Robotics Specialisation for channel partners.

Nearly 40 specialist robotics partners have joined the programme since its April 2022 launch to help solve customer challenges.

As part of Zebra’s PartnerConnect programme, the Mobile Robotics Specialisation programme includes a comprehensive portfolio of sales and technical training courses and certifications that educate and support partners about Zebra’s robotics automation solutions, featuring Zebra’s Fetch autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and FetchCore software.

Qualifying partners in North America and EMEA gain exclusive access to business-building benefits such as pre-qualified leads, market development funds, go-to-market support and financial incentives to enable partners to market, sell and implement Zebra’s robotics automation solutions.

Zebra’s robotics automation solutions include a portfolio of Fetch AMRs that help mobile robotics specialists drive a range of materials movement outcomes in the warehouse or manufacturing plant. The robots can help solve labour and efficiency challenges related to storage carousel transport, work cell and lineside delivery, replenishment, cycle counting and recycling and rubbish removal. The solutions are ready out-of-the-box so set-up and deployment by Zebra partners can be achieved in a matter of hours or days rather than weeks or months.

Depending on the use case, Zebra customers have witnessed 2-times to 3-times throughput and productivity increases, floor space gains and significantly reduced the physical toll on workers. One customer reported that it eliminated 1,000 kilometres (621 miles) of manual travel within the first six months of deploying a Zebra robotics automation solution.

Zebra’s recent Warehouse Vision Study found that 27% of warehouse operators globally have already deployed some form of AMRs. Within five years, that number is expected to grow to 90% around the world. In addition, 83% of associates working alongside AMRs today confirm they have helped increase productivity and reduce walking/travel time, while 73% reported reduce errors, and 65% said AMRs had enabled them to advance to new roles or opportunities.

“Zebra launched its Mobile Robotics Specialisation because we’re a channel-centric company. We solve customer challenges and deliver the outcomes they need through and with our partners,” says Bill Cate, vice-president: product marketing and ecosystems at Zebra Technologies. “It’s important we support and reward partners who specialise in the solutions that our customers need for scalable and flexible operations to help drive their growth, meet demand and address labour challenges.”