Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa has once again achieved a Level 1 B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) rating.

The company is more than 51% black-owned, including an over 35% black woman ownership, which is key to it exceeding all requirements to retain its Level 1 B-BBEE status.

“At Westcon-Comstor, we are committed to ensuring that our business has a sustainable and long-term impact on the lives of all South Africans. Retaining our Level 1 B-BBEE status is testimony to the fact that we have embedded transformation into both our business objectives, as well as our company culture,” states Rakesh Parbhoo, CEO of Westcon-Comstor Sub-Saharan Africa. “I am delighted that we can give our customers and partners the assurance that we will continue to assist them in their efforts to increase their own B-BBEE ratings by recognising their spend with us in their scorecards.

“I need to thank my team who tirelessly work towards ensuring that transformation is part of Westcon-Comstor’s DNA,” Parboo adds. “To us this is far more than a scorecard, it is a programmatic approach towards investment and upliftment initiatives, and opportunities that will have a long-term impact on the livelihood of the South African businesses and people whose lives we touch daily.”